Designate your favorite dog hero!

No need to convince you, many of you are already thinking that dogs , and pets in general, have many more faculties than those who are willing to lend to them.

Clearly, you think that hero dogs

And you're right, the proof with 7 dog stories having saved a human life... or even more.

If dogs are used in so many professions saving is good for one reason: they have something missing. Sniffer dogs to find survivors under the rubble, police dogs , dogs for people with disabilities or in hospitals... For decades, the dog has proved that he is the best friend of the man .

On AllCreatureAnimalClinic, you are a rapper orté incredible stories of dog who saved the life of their master, a relative, a stranger... Of the 7 most memorable stories, vote for your favorite :

A dog saves his mistress from the attack of a bear

For a dog, the life of his master passes before his own life. That is why Sassy the dog rushed on a brown bear while his mistress was in danger, putting his own life in danger.

Miraculously, the animal gets away with alive, even if he has some nasty wounds .

" I really believe that if Sassy had not gone past me... The bear would have attacked me when I went out" says his mistress. "My dog ​​is my hero! " Read more

A grateful mistress of her dog hero!

A musk rescued by his sled dogs!

A "muscher" or driver of 53-year-old Spanish sledge was saved by his dogs when he had lost consciousness during a trip to the Vercors.

When he lost consciousness, his sled dogs half turn to get help, while the muskie's pet dog has fallen on him to keep him warm ! Read more

Barely adopted, a dog saves his family

Hercules The Saint Bernard knows how to be grateful to those who do him good. Just adopted by a new family while at the pound, the animal has detected the presence of an intruder who was trying to infiltrate the house of his new family

He immediately hunted ! It's called being thankful Read more

A dog saves the life of a baby lost in the forest

Having escaped the supervision of his parents, a baby 22 months sinks into the forest at the end of the garden

Luckily, the family Labrador, having felt the danger of this situation, followed the baby in his wild adventure.

And it probably saved his life, because the child was only found the next morning, the dog snuggled against him to keep him warm. The temperature had dropped to 4 ° C that night! Read more

A dog rescues his master who has just been struck down

Monty , a brave and reckless Schnauzer saved the life of his 64-year-old master when he was struck by lightning.

As the master reunited his last forces to put his arms around his dog, the animal dragged him on the 100 meters which separated them from the home. There he was taken care of by his wife.

The craziest thing in all this is that Monty the dog had also been hit by lightning! Read more

Having a hero dog is better than insurance!

A dog gives his life to save a whole building

It's 2 am and the inhabitants of this building Palma de Majorca sleep deeply when a terrible fire breaks .

It was then that a German Shepherd, whose identity no one knows, stood behind every door in barking for alert the inhabitants

Unfortunately, exhausted by the toxic smoke, he died before he could go out. Read more

A dog saves a child from a bee attack

While a 9-year-old boy was playing in the garden, he suddenly found himself surrounded by a swarm of bees , while he was allergic to their sting.

The young bitch from the family, realizing the danger, rushed into the cloud of insects to create a diversion. It worked, but the poor man passed away with 40 bee stings .

Fortunately his teachers reacted quickly and immediately took him to veterinary clinic. Read more

And the examples are still many... Look in our section Dogs Heroes !

And you, which of these extraordinary stories has marked you the most?