Nobody wants to help his cat stuck in a tree for 9 days, so she tries everything for the whole

Alice was in danger.

In New York City, a cat named Alice escaped her mistress's surveillance in a matter of seconds and took the opportunity to climb a tree. But once at the top, the cat could not go down.

"We have a barracks close to home, but no one answered our calls. Same with the local SPA, "explains Jessica Williams

Faced with this lack of response, Jessica Williams and her darling decide to try anything to get the cat out. First by placing food at the foot of the tree and then using a ladder. Unfortunately nothing is enough. someone had to climb the tree and get the cat .

After 9 days trying to get her cat back, Jessica Williams does not know what to do. That's when his mother has the idea to put a message on Facebook to find help. This is where in just five minutes a friend - Tristan Lambright - offers his help. Arborist in training, Tristan Lambright does not hesitate for a second and steals to help poor Alice

A quick rescue

In just ten short minutes, Tristan Lambright sends down the frightened and very thin cat. He only needed a rope, a harness, a bag and some treats. A simple rescue according to the principal concerned, a little shocked that no one wanted to help this family and his cat

Below, you can watch a video of this rescue.

Tammy Hanna

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