No one wanted this cat without ears, until the day when...

An old cat without ears was waiting for masters in a shelter, but nobody was paying attention... until the day a young woman put her look at him.

Molly Lichtenwalner is an American student who has anxiety since a car accident. Conscious of the benefits of recontherapy, she decided to adopt a cat that could help her get better.

While she could have welcomed a nice breeding kitten, Molly set her sights on a cat of nine and a half with a very particular physique since he is... devoid of ears. Otitis (which means "otitis") had been waiting in a shelter for a long time. His ears had had to be amputated , making him deaf , as a result of important cysts that his old masters had not had it removed.

She was the first person to want to adopt it

Since being taken over by the Feline Rescue Association of Baltimore, no one had wanted Otitis because of her appearance. So when Molly contacted the association, she was the first person to apply for adoption for this cat. And as soon as he arrived in his new house, Otitis was able to show all his gratitude and all his love to his new human, as evidenced by these photos:

1. Molly and Otitis

Instagram photo by @adventuresofotitis

2. Otitis loves scratching

Instagram photo by @adventuresofotitis

3. And sleep with his human

Instagram photo by @adventuresofotitis

4. Nothing better than mouse ears...

Instagram photo by @adventuresofotitis

5. Everything is good to attract attention!

Instagram photo by @adventuresofotitis

Like Molly, do you want to adopt a cat? See you in our section "Adoption"!

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