Nobody wanted this "different" cat, and yet...

Benny is an adorable red cat whose life is already hurting begin. But, far from falling, this little ball of hair fights to lead a life as normal as possible.

Benny and his four brothers and sisters found themselves in the street after the death of their mistress. Fortunately, everyone quickly found adopters . All but one: Benny

If no one wanted him, it's because Benny is different. When we look at him, in spite of his adorable face, we immediately see that something is not normal. And for good reason: Benny suffers from hydrocephalus , which means he has too much fluid in the brain. Sick and blind, Benny could not find anyone who wanted him. Until the Milo's Sanctuary takes him in.

Benny is now enjoying life!

Little Benny has been sent to a shelter where he has finally been able to benefit from adapted treatment , in addition to a special diet and regular checks of his state of health. At the age of five, Benny had never been adequately cared for, and for the shelter staff it was a miracle that he had reached that age.

Strong and courageous, Benny now has a life of full teeth. He loves his food and his toys, especially his cat tree for which he devotes a cult. Congratulations to Milo's Sanctuary for his great work and to all the associations around the world who, like this refuge, help animals.

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