Nobody wanted this cat because he was too player and not cuddly enough

Found wandering, Rascal rediscovered the joys of the game when he was placed in foster care. But his behavior hijacked several prospective adopters, until the day when...

Rascal was found wandering in Marysville, Washington in 2015 and he was placed in a small hideaway in the city. He who was used to the outdoors had a very bad time in his niche and was constantly frightened and lost. The association Purrfect Pals decided to help him and quickly placed him in foster care to make him feel more comfortable and socialize. And it worked perfectly. The black and white cat has transformed and was able to give free rein to its player side. If he also liked the company of humans, he was not very affectionate and preferred to have fun rather than cuddle.


Despite his kind character, the fact that he is not a fan of caresses has rejected many people interested in its adoption. And yet, Rascal only wanted to find a home... He waited and waited and one day, Cherry and Jim came to visit him. They immediately cracked for the tomcat Tuxedo dress that no one wanted and took him home where he can give himself to joy at his mischief.

"Rascal is the kind cat who would have been sent back to the shelter many times just because he was himself, "says a member of the association. Renamed Rascal Wild , this cat is accepted for who he is in his new home. And if he does not cuddle as much as other felines, he shows his affection for his masters by other means, including producing powerful purring and sleeping at the feet of Cherry every night.

Today he is the happiest of cats and never tires of his favorite joke : lie on his back to show his belly and call to the gratouilles to better attack the hands who would venture there !

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