NKM is in favor of "the rehabilitation of the dog in the city"

Last week, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet , candidate UMP at the Paris City Hall for the elections of March 2014, received advocates for the rehabilitation of the dog in the city . A cause she claims to support, emphasizing the importance of setting up a "giving and giving" policy.

Also present, Christine d'Hauthuille, coordinator of the Oka committee AllCreatureAnimalClinic has supported the action for several months, Anne Vosgien, Prosecutor at the Court of Assizes of Paris, Serge Belais, veterinarian and former president of the SPA, and Sylvie Girard, lawyer at the Paris Bar, did not come only in the permanence of the 14th district of NKM. The adorable Stan, a German Shepherd crusader gathered in the street by Serge Belais, was at their side , ready to draw his soft eyes!

"A real policy of exclusion of dogs"

The Oka committee, which last June organized the very first cani-citizen peaceful walk of France in the streets of Paris, says that the " dog owners undergo a real policy of exclusion of their four-legged friends , conducted for several years by the Paris municipality .

NKM has received advocates for the rehabilitation of dogs in the city ( © Jean-François Deroubaix)

Dogs are only very rarely accepted in public places, and there is currently no dog park in Paris . The first will soon be open (finally!) Place Denfert-Rochereau. But no other project of this type is envisaged for the time being.

"Set up spaces of freedom dedicated to the dogs "

Of course, to give to the dogs the place they deserve in city ​​will not be done without efforts on the part of their masters. " No one can love a dog by putting his shoe in a dog poop " says Anne Vosgien. People who do not have a dog will not like them as long as they have to slalom between the droppings, and suffer the aggressiveness of some badly educated, unsocialized doggies.

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But " it is no coincidence that dogs in the capital have more and more problems of behavior " says Serge Belais

Dogs need space to meet , socialize, let off steam . " Setting up free spaces dedicated to dogs like in Lyon, Grenoble, Toulouse, Avignon says Sylvie Girard, it is not only to allow dogs to live their lives but also to socialize and the owners to create a exchange "explains the veterinarian

NKM, animal friend?

NKM loves animals. She grew up surrounded by dogs, and almost adopted one at the request of her children. But for fear that life in the apartment does not make him happy, it is finally a cat who joined his family.

NKM has cracked for Stan, the dog of Serge Belais (© Jean-François Deroubaix)

Convinced of the benefits that animals bring to humans , she claims to be " very much in favor of dog rehabilitation in the city but setting up a" "giving and giving policy.""

The UMP candidate at the Mairie de Paris does not, however, favor accessibility to all public administrations and transport with her dog, but rather " to facilities to accommodate dogs at the entrance of these services so that at the entrance you can leave your dog in peace <.

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