Nintendogs + cats on Nintendo 3DS: puppies and kittens more real than life!

This is the event of the planet games- videos today: the release of Nintendogs + cats on Nintendo 3DS ! After making a splash on Nintendo DS , one of the best-selling Nintendo games (with the Mario game series and the Pokemon) returns more spectacular than ever.

In the program, puppies even more crisp and expressive and, for the very first time, beautiful kittens ! All the ingredients that made the success of Nintendogs original are waiting for you. You can choose from many breeds , use a multitude of accessories and even clothes for your puppies and kittens.

The principle remains the same overall: caring for a puppy (and now, kittens if you wish), play with him and satisfy his natural needs. Then you can teach him a lot of tricks or compete in competitions. Thanks to the money collected, you can buy food or accessories.

Last but not least, the 3D display of the new Nintendo console offers fans of the Nintendogs series a complete new gaming experience . It's simple, puppies and kittens come to life before your eyes !

And the best part of all this is that there is not even no need for glasses to enjoy the games (you can also choose to reduce the 3D effect or disable it completely). Not to mention the Augmented Reality that will literally bring the animals of the game into real life (we explain all this a little lower)

Nintendogs + cats on 3DS: an avalanche of new products

Nintendogs + cats: awesome realism animals!

First, it's not one but 3 variations of the game available:

- Nintendogs + cats Golden Retriever & his new friends
- Nintendogs + cats French Bulldog & his new friends
- Nintendogs + cats Poodle Toy & his new friends

A total of 27 races that are available with the 3 games! And that's not all, each puppy or kitten has its own fur and personality, react to the touch as well as the voice and can even recognize their master.

Thanks to the Nintendo 3DS camera and the principle of detection of facial expressions, you will have fun reacting your puppies and kittens in real time and according to your movements. Just get close to the screen so that they come to lick your face !

From Virtual to Real: Augmented Reality

One of the most bluffing innovations, c is the possibility to bring up his virtual animal in "real life" thanks to a system of augmented reality . It will not replace a real-life animal, but it's still a lot of fun!

Imagine: you're with your game console, you're aiming for any place and in one go a adorable puppy or kitten appears ! This is not magic but simply the incredible power of the 3-dimensional system of the new Nintendo 3DS .

Video presentation of Nintendogs + cats

A video will be better than a long one speeches to present the strengths of this game of the new Nintendo 3DS console . At first glance, we can already say that the game is very realistic and the animals all the more cute than the others.

The trailer Nintendogs + cats on nintendo 3DS

You understand, we are very enthusiastic regarding the release of this game to the editorial staff of AllCreatureAnimalClinic. Never has a game been also true to the reality for our pets, and it's a great alternative for kids who can not have pets or have hair allergies.

And you AllCreatureAnimalClinic, are you like Nintendogs? Have you already planned ' buy the Nintendo 3DS to take advantage of the new features of this new version of the game?