Nicolas Vanier defends himself against accusations of mistreatment on his dogs

Last week, camp Nicolas Vanier closed its doors, and the controversy soon followed the news. Some, including the Eden Valley association, which has recovered a dozen of the 61 dogs housed in the structure, accuse the explorer and director of having neglected or even ill-treated the animals of the

camp. Eden Valley's spokesperson, Pascale Laroche claims that the dogs recovered by the association were infested with parasites and in a worrying state of thinness (see our article).

"It's absolutely nothing No dogs "

But Nicolas Vanier strongly defends these accusations, recalling that if the structure bears his name, he is not the manager and never has been. His dogs are in perfect health, he says, and he will never give up . As for the others, they "belong to different owners who have worked at the Camp who decide for themselves the future of their dogs and assume their responsibilities," he explains on Facebook .

Two of the eleven dogs entrusted to Eden Valley

"They have mostly kept them, some dogs have been entrusted to mushers friends and finally 11 dogs have been placed on the advice of the prefecture and the DDPP in an association which was supposed to help their owners to place them in competent and responsible persons.This has not been anything since this association has divulged false information in order to harm and especially to make calls for donations "deplores he

interviewed by TV Star , he has exactly the same speech: "It's not about my dogs, mine are not concerned in this story. will not even entrust one of my dogs or that e be out of my home."