New record for Sailor, the poodle saved from euthanasia

Already present in the 2015 edition, now the record-breaking dog has just offered himself a fresh spot in the Guinness World Records 2017... thanks to a new and surprising turn.

Adopted at the age of six months when he had to be euthanized for aggressiveness, Sailor was lucky to be saved.

As a result his adoption, the Poodle has even become an extraordinary dog ​​and very talented thanks to Alex Rothacker, his master and coach. The latter taught him, during a year and a half, a large number of balance turns and waterfalls...

Already present in the Book of Records of 2015 to have managed to climb the stairs on his hind legs, Sailor entered the prestigious book again with a new record.

The dog has indeed managed, live, to walk on a ball and to slalom between 8 poles. only 1 minutes and 35 seconds! A record for the least incredible that earned him to be warmly congratulated by his master and judges.

Here is the live record of Sailor:

According to Alex Rothacker, when Sailor hears laughter people, it is excited because " he knows that he makes people happy ." To give happiness to the people who surround him would be his greatest pleasure.

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