New: collect AllCreatureAnimalClinic badges!

You are a loyal member of AllCreatureAnimalClinic? It is high time that you were rewarded ! Starting today, collect AllCreatureAnimalClinic badges. The operation is simple: your activity on AllCreatureAnimalClinic allows you to earn points and unlock badges

How to earn points?

You like to come on AllCreatureAnimalClinic to share your advice, make your animals known, give your opinion , express your creativity... All these actions will now be rewarded with points.

The more active you are on the site, the more points you will earn .

Once you have a number of points, you can unlock badges. Here are some examples of actions that can earn points:

- Sign in to the site: 10 points per day
- Register an animal: 10 points
- Add a picture to his profile: 20 points
- Post a question (or a response), a comment, a message in the forum...: 5 points
- Click the Like button Facebook at the top of an article: 5 points

Attention, the points earned in an abusive way (to post a lot of messages without interest for example) will be withdrawn!

Discover now the complete list of all actions that will earn you points.

How to unlock AllCreatureAnimalClinic bagdes?

You are very active on the AllCreatureAnimalClinic forum? Are you a Tooniz pro? You are a fan of Quizz photos? Thanks to the badges you unlock, everyone will know.

First the bronze badge, then the silver badge, the gold badge, and finally the diamond badge. The more points you earn in your specialty, the more prestigious your badge will be.

Some examples of badges:

- Badge Tribu: to unlock this badge, be social! Register your animals, add photos, become friends with other members...
- Badge Forum dogs, cats or rodents: to win one of these badges, post messages in the discussion forums!
- Expert Dog, Cat or Rodent Badge: to unlock any of these badges, post questions or answers.
- Paparazzi Badge dogs, cats or rodents: to win one of these badges, add the maximum number of photos to the profiles of your animals
- Badge Buzz: to unlock this badge, share on Facebook by clicking on the Like button at the top of most AllCreatureAnimalClinic articles.
Not to mention the Super Badge ! 10.000 points are needed to unlock it, but the first member who wins will receive a gift;)

Discover the complete list of AllCreatureAnimalClinic badges you can win!

Who will be ranked first?

These points and badges also allow you to appear in the ranking of AllCreatureAnimalClinic members showing the most active members.

Soon you can also redeem your points for gifts and compete against others members to be the 1st of the !

ranking Then to your points, ready... go!