Nestlé creates an advertisement that dogs can hear (Video)

When you want to brag about the merits of a brand of dog kibble, to whom can we turn to dog owners?

Dogs, simply! Nestlé , the world's leading animal feed company, takes the leap with Beneful and creates a TV spot that contains sounds especially appealing to the

dog ears. This is not the first such initiative; last year already, the brand Naturia had developed a radio spot in which an inaudible sound for humais was to stir the curiosity of the dog.

To develop this spot, Nestlé has called on a team of animal behavior specialists as reported Le Figaro .

Attracting Dogs' Attention

The goal was to identify the sounds that make dogs "vibrate". Thus, during the advertisement broadcast (in Germany and Austria), the animal is supposed to react to listening to these sounds . His reaction would depend on his personality.

According to Nestle, this advertisement illustrates the dog's attention for what he hears, and highlights the bond that links an animal to its master .

And what do you think of such an initiative? Would you like such a spot to appear on French channels?

Below, the spot that dogs can hear, on video (beware, the sound is not the same as the one on television, it is unlikely that your dog will react if you experience it):

Advertising that dogs can hear