Nancy, a martyred cat, saved, and now heroine of a book!

Poor Nancy almost did not not survive the cruelty of his first human. This pretty black and white cat was locked in a microwave, started for several seconds by her irresponsible master.
Retrieved by the RSPCA (British SPA), while she was suffering from severe burns and a very stressful , she waited months before joining her new home. The cat was collected by a shelter of the association Ark , and all those who were tempted to adopt it gave up after hearing his story, fearing that it reveals serious behavioral disorders

"I knew I had to adopt it"

All except Taff and Pam Jones, a couple from Southsea, in the British county of Hampshire. Pam dreamed of a cat for her 40th birthday, but not just any cat. Very concerned about the animal cause, she wanted to offer a second chance to a handicapped animal or with special needs and therefore less likely than others to find a family.

Pam and Taff had first set their sights on a cat with 3 legs, but when it was adopted by another person, Mr. Jones discovered Nancy's face. " I was looking at the boxes and that little boil was watching me, she adopted me ," he tells Dailymail . " I thought she was beautiful and I knew I had to adopt it When I wanted to book it at the reception, everyone was silent. told me his story and I had to sit down because I felt very bad thinking that someone could do something like that They asked me, "Do you still want it?", and I answered : Of course! "

The tales of Nancy, an ode to friendship and kindness

Since then, Nancy and her humans have been happy days. Inspired by the terrible story of the animal, Taff decided to make her the heroine of a children's book.

This book tells three stories of Nancy's life, " tales about 'friendship and kindness, because that's how Nancy lives today ". And to hope that " the children who will read these tales will become good people "

A part of the profits generated by the sale of the book will be donated to the association Ark, which took care from Nancy for 9 months before Taff and Pam adopt it. " Ark saved her life, we still do not know if she will have any after-effects, but she is very affectionate, and is part of our family " says the one who hopes to publish a second soon volume of Tales of Nancy Jones Tales of Nancy Jones and already working on the 3rd.

As for the former owner of Nancy? He was banned from possessing an animal again until the end of his life and was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison.