Nîmes: Angry at his neighbor, he kills his own dog

Angry at his neighbor who had listened to the music too loud, the Nîmes man from the forties had seized his own Yorkshire to throw him against the boxes letters from the lobby of the building, then again to the ground.

The little dog had not survived to the violence of the shock.

Judged Wednesday, June 20 at the Criminal Court of Nîmes, the man explained reported his rage on his pet not to hit his neighbor, according to his own words, " disabled and alcoholic ".

The torturer himself confessed to be in the grip of psychiatric problems . He adds to the bar that he is an orphan of father and mother, as we learn from Midi Libre .

He loved his dog yet he killed

The man claims that his dog was precious to him: " This dog was everything to me, I had it for nine years ". In this case, why did you kill him?

Because he did not get along with his neighbors and he was out of his nerves... The social and psychological misery of the helping defendant.

But animal welfare associations do not hear it that way. The Anti-Corrida Alliance , which became a plaintiff, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation and the SPA acknowledged that the man had problems but that this did not explain his action.

The lawyers of the SPA in particular demanded damages . The public prosecutor asked 18 months in prison for the accused, verdict on July 4.