My dog ​​travels to a country of the European Union

The rules that apply for the movements of dogs, cats and ferrets (animals between the Member States of the European Community have been harmonized recently. This European regulation entered into force in 2004.

Since that date, any dog, cat or ferret from the European Union must, when participating in an intra-Community trade, be identified , vaccinated against rabies and in possession of a standardized passport completed by the veterinarian

Travel within the European Union, the rule of three:

1. European passport : Dogs must have a passport. The model of this passport is the same for all countries that are members of the European Community and replaces all passports and similar documents used so far.

It mentions the identification of the animal, its description and the name and address of the owner. It is issued at the time of identification of the animal or at the time of vaccination against rabies. This vaccination can only take place after checking the identification of the animal

2. Identification : Owners who want to take their dog on a trip are obliged, if they have not yet done so, to have their animal identified by microchip. Tattooing is also provisionally authorized as a means of identification (except for animals traveling to the United Kingdom, Ireland or Sweden)

In this case, check that the tattoo is legible . Otherwise do not hesitate to have it redone by your veterinarian. Also remember to add a medal with your name and address to your necklace and report to Canine File (Tel: +33 (0) 1 49 37 54 54) any changes to your contact information.

3. Rabies Vaccination : Dogs must be vaccinated against rabies after the age of 3 months

Special cases:

Puppies under 3 months
Who wants to take a dog with him An animal under three months of age must check with the country of destination to see if that country allows it. These animals are not old enough to receive an anti-rabies vaccination. They therefore pose a problem in the regulation of rabies.

Member States may, however, allow the movement of a dog or cat under 3 months of age, provided it is accompanied by a passport and that he has lived since birth in the place where he was born without contact with wild animals that may have been exposed to infection or that he accompanies his mother of whom he is still dependent.

These animals do not may not be moved to the United Kingdom, Sweden, Ireland and Malta until they have reached the required age for vaccination, or without having undergone, where the provisions so provide, a test to determine Antibody titration

Finally, the introduction of unvaccinated dogs or cats under three months of age may be authorized in a Member State from third countries when the country's rabies justified.

More than five animals
If the number of animals is less than or equal to five, they shall be subject to an identity check by the competent authority at the point of entry of travelers into the territory of the Community (customs officers in France).

If it is greater than 5, the inspection is carried out by the veterinary services of the border inspection post in an approved station (knowing that none exists at all airports and that therefore, the owner of animals traveling with more than five animals may be faced with additional constraints.)

Amendment of the legislation as of 10 June 2013

In order to ease the legislation and facilitate the transport of animals within the European Union, certain modifications have been made to the law:

- From now on, it is possible to travel with more than 5 animals .

- One derogation may be requested if the owners prove their shareholding ion to a competition, a fair, a sports or festive event.

- For rabies vaccines , it will be possible to travel with young cats, dogs and other pets from 12 to 16 weeks have been vaccinated but not yet immunized
Please note that this new legislation will be implemented 18 months after its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union.

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