My dog ​​travels outside the European Union

Entering a country not belonging to the European Union

The conditions are fixed by the country of destination. If any inaccuracies remain about the exact conditions, inquire at the embassy of the country concerned. In general, the International Health Certification is requested for movements made with third countries (outside the European Union), as well as an update of vaccinations and identification of the dog by microchip or tattoo.

Leaving a country not belonging to the European Union

When dogs or cats come from a third country and are introduced into a Member State of the European Union, they must have done so antibody titration neutralizing rabies virus

Regulatory tests and vaccinations

Antibody titration should be at least 0.5 IU / ml, performed on a sample taken by an authorized veterinarian at least 30 days after vaccination and three months before the movement

This value corresponds to the international protection threshold. This titration does not need to be repeated on a pet that is revaccinated at scheduled intervals. This three-month period shall not apply in the case of reintroduction of a pet whose passport certifies that the titration was carried out with a positive result before the animal left the territory of the Community.

The test must be performed by a accredited laboratory . The time between serology and the date of introduction of the animal is set by each Member State: it can be up to 6 months. At this time, the time for primary anti-rabies vaccination is added. It is therefore necessary to take the steps at least 4 months before departure to some countries (6 months for the United Kingdom and Ireland)

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