My dog ​​is flying in the air!

An American airline has only passengers cats and dogs... Human forbidden!
In the USA , on 2 million cats and dogs that travel in the hold of the plane - it is obligatory - more than 5000 are wounded every year
France is not an exception and the cases of animals injured , or worse, lost between flights, is not unusual.
To address this problem, Pet Airways ( access ) makes its fleet of 20 planes available to dogs and cats, who will then travel comfortably in the cabin.
Important detail: owners of dogs and cats do not accompany their animals. Moreover, apart from the flight crew, no human is allowed on the flights. On the other hand, they will be able to follow the animal's journey in real time thanks to a localization device made available to them.
Several flights are planned between big American cities; ticket starting price: $ 149.
It would appear that their website has been overwhelmed by traffic, and in its "reservations area", the company says it is drowning in the demands...
The first flight is scheduled for July 14 (cocorico!) 2009. Do you think that the flight for dogs and cats will be a commercial success?
The commercial video of the company: