My dog ​​is afraid of resounding noises

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The dog may come into contact with a series of noises likely to frighten him: fireworks , firecrackers , sirens , doorbell or telephone , small and large appliances . In most subjects, the condition is not serious enough to require behavioral therapy; indeed, it is sufficient to remove the animal when using household appliances, or to administer sedatives for celebrations with fireworks.

When frightened by sirens, we may try to calm him by caressing or distracting him while playing. If the sounds that cause phobia are frequent, or if the dog is agitated excessively, we can use this therapy: we make him listen to a record of what scares him by lowering the volume, following the recommended progression for the fear of the storm.

The dog can also be exposed to noise for a short period of time and at a distance so as not to frighten him, then increase the duration and the distance is gradually reduced until he becomes accustomed to this precise noise. It is always better to try to prevent these behavioral disturbances by habituating the dog, as soon as he is puppy, to the most common noises - like those of household appliances - so that he is not afraid as an adult.

heal shot phobia , BL Hart and LL Hart suggest a simple and effective method. It consists in gradually getting the dog used up, using a white-loaded 22 caliber pistol and cardboard boxes that will have to be inserted into each other to stifle the noise. It is necessary to organize a series of sessions of deconditioning where one makes listen to the dog a ten shots, by removing a box every three / four sessions.

If the cardboard does not attenuate enough the blow, one can use blankets to surround the boxes. They must be thick enough so that the noise does not frighten the animal, that it is calm with caresses and treats.

If it shows signs of nervousness during a shot weakly attenuated, we must resume training at a previous stage, that is to say that we add a few boxes that had already been eliminated. Hunters will be able to use this technique to accustom dogs who fear the sound of gunfire. But beware, it will be a lot of time and continuous training to get good results.