My dog ​​goes agility

agility is a sport canine open to all dogs.

It consists of having them negotiate various regulated obstacles in order to highlight the ur intelligence and flexibility

Why do agility with your dog?

This is a educational and sports game that promotes their proper integration into society

agility implies a good harmony between the dog and his master and leads to a perfect agreement.

It is therefore necessary for the driver to know the basics of canine education and obedience

Agility is practiced in different categories and in different classes . The category of the dog is defined by its height at the withers (category "A": dogs less than 37 cm, category "B": dogs from 37 cm to less than 47 cm, category "C": dogs of 47 cm and over category "D": large dogs, molosses)

The class of the dog depends on the results obtained in the competition

The course of the agility event

The course of the dog agility is made up of obstacles which, in their implementation in the field, will give its layout its specificity by making it more or less complex and more or less rapid .

It must be performed by the dog in a defined base time and according to an imposed order of passage of obstacles. Games may deviate from this rule

The "driver" can position himself on the course at a freely chosen place. He gives the starting order to his dog after the judge has released the course. Timing begins when the dog crosses the starting line and ends when the dog crosses the finish line.

The driver guides his dog

In Agility , orders and signs are allowed all the way. From the start, the driver is responsible for his dog passing the obstacles in the indicated order without ever touching his dog or an obstacle himself.

The driver can not himself pass over, under or through obstacles. The end of the course and the timing is always reached when the dog crosses the finish line.

Even without registering in a club, you can take inspiration from these courses to create one yourself in nature and distract yourself your dog.

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