My dog ​​barks as soon as he hears a noise

Your dog barks as soon as he hears a daily noise like a horn, another dog bark, a phone ring... Heureusem There are simple solutions to remove these annoying barking.

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As a dog grows up is used to his environment, he loses the habit of barking in reaction to the daily noises that pose no threat to the house, the family and himself. A dog unaccustomed to noises is timid. It does not inform of the situation by barking but its emotional state .

How to remove barking?

The secret of eliminating unwanted barking would be to train the dog to obey simple orders, such as "come," "sit," "stay," or "lie." This training allows the owner to interrupt the unwanted behaviors and replace them with an order that is easy to execute and gives rise to a reward.

So, if the dog barks because he sees the neighbor in the process of gardening, his master can ask the animal to come and sit down. Once the dog has obeyed ( desirable behavior ), the master can reward him. This measure makes it possible to make the neighbor forget the dog, so that he stops barking and loses this bad habit.

Over time, by frequently asking the dog to come and sit, the teacher teaches him that there is no need to be on guard and that the acceptable behavior (the rewarded one) does not include barking. The goal is to calm the dog and the reward for his acceptable behavior

The barking warning

Do not shout after the dog because he will bark even harder to cover you . Your screams will excite him and confirm that the situation required many barking. He will not understand that it is after him that you shout.

Ask him to stop by " stop ", stay in front of him without moving until he stops. Wait a few moments and congratulate him. Then go and see what's going on without him.

It's necessary to correct this disturbance that a person causes noises in the house. You ask the dog not to move at first then you will see without him and then with him but he must stay behind you. Then you allow him to see alone and bark only when he is in front of the abnormal "thing."

The dog must understand little by little that one or two signals are enough to warn the master.

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