My cat speaks to me: a book for a better relationship with his companion

Why does my cat meow? What do his fires mean? Does he see us? How to understand each other if you can not speak?

So many questions and misunderstandings that hinder the relationship with your cat. Misunderstandings that can lead to mistakes in judgments and behaviors

Published in April 2012 by De Vecchi Editions, My Cat Speaks to Me is a book that will help you better decipher the language of your companion to better understand it

Know the cat from A to Z

The cat, like all animals, is not endowed with speech. Yet, like us, he communicates permanently with his surroundings and his environment.

With his work My cat speaks to me , Nicoletta Magno , passionate psychologist by cats and their interactions with humans, will help decode signals from your companion and better interact with him to create a healthy and balanced relationship

This book is relatively short, 128 pages , but very complete . The essential is recounted in short paragraphs written in a simple and precise vocabulary. Many drawings come to facilitate the understanding.

My cat speaks to me thus evokes all the basic notions of the cat: its history, its physiology, its way of life, the way of communicating, his behavior, his possible troubles, etc. Rich in information and very accessible, this book will make you the ideal master.

" Did you know? " special cat

We often think we know his companion very well and yet we never stops learning! My cat talks to me could surprise you and show you the amazing animal that is the cat.

Selected pieces :

The cat's whiskers allow him to identify the nature of the objects and even to perceive the air currents caused by the movements of very small animals.

Kittens who grew up with a mother who killed prey in their presence will kill at the first opportunity; kittens who grew up alone rarely and with more difficulty

The most sensitive part of the cat is the stomach: if you touch it, it is very likely that you will be scratched .

Castrating during the pre-puberty period (before the age of six months) generally eliminates sexual behavior

Remember that behavioral problems are often related to health problems.

It seems that cats have a certain perception of colors, but they do not use it often.

My cat speaks to me

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128 pages

Editions De Vecchi