My cat is scratching! What to do

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Your cat is doing his claws ? Here are the tips of Dr. Noémie Tommasini, Director and Trainer at the School of Veterinary Aids - Institut Bonaparte in Paris:

Why my cat scratches

Know first, that scratching a support is a normal behavior in cats. This is one of the means that serve to delimit its territory. Now, this behavior becomes annoying when your cat scratches your chair, the wallpaper or your carpet.

What to do?

It is necessary to propose to your cat a support on which he has the right to make his claws as we call them. The most suitable is the cat tree, which has the advantage of having sisal-surrounded trunks and trays. Your cat will scratch, play and can rest. Place this cat tree in a visible place in the living room

To preserve your furniture and tapestries, you can spray on feline pheromones. Available without a prescription from your veterinary clinic, these pheromones are effective and without side effects

In conclusion : scratching the furniture is a normal cat behavior, you just have to offer a suitable support. To deflect it from your furniture, avoid repellents but use cat pheromones instead.

> Here are some tips on video:

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