My cat loses its hair, is it serious?

Your cat loses his hair? Doctor HERIPRET, specialist in dermatology at the Veterinary Hospital Center Frégis in Arcueil gives you his advice.

The loss of hair is a reason for regular consultation in feline dermatology. Let's take a look at the possible answer elements:

Know if hair loss is normal or abnormal

Hair loss can be normal (it's called moulting) or abnormal if it's accompanied an abnormal visualization of the skin through the hair or if the depilation is complete on certain places.

When local depilations are observed in a cat, it will be necessary to try to know if the fall is related to a local problem or if it is related to scratching or licking. Thus, for example, a hair loss well localized in the belly with a feeling of cut hairs, will generally evoke an excess of licking.

Also, diffuse depilations on the back or the neck associated with traces of scratches or small crusts, evoke a hair loss related to scratching. In this case, the first thing to do is to check the external pest control because the fleas are frequently involved in scraping or excessive licking in the cat.

Possible cause: ringworm

When the depilations are translate into small, completely naked areas, localized anywhere, it will be necessary to think first of a infection by a mushroom (what is called the ringworm) especially in a young cat, a cat that leaves or a Persian. It is all the more important to detect early this possibility that it is usually contagious mushrooms to other animals but also to the human.

So accordingly if you observe that your cat loses his hair abnormally with lesion or in a localized way, it will be necessary to consult quickly veterinary in order to differentiate a fall related to scratching or licking, of primitive hair problems like mushrooms or parasites or others.

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