Murdock, the blind kitten saved by Facebook

Born blind, little Murdock had little chance of finding a family at the Orange County Animal Shelter, Florida. He could have, like many of his unfortunate congeners, wait for months, years, or even worse, to be euthanized . Veterinarians caring for him still do not know if he is born without eyes or if his eyes are unusually small.

But it will have been enough of a photo posted on Facebook to save the lovely kitten of this sad fate. After only a few hours, the photo was shared by thousands of Internet users and the shelter's phone kept ringing.

Because of his health concerns - Murdock is a very small cat needing regular checks at the vet - it was important that he be adopted by a family living in Orange County able to take him to the shelter every two weeks to follow him.

"The second I saw this picture I knew that I had to take it "

It's finally Kelly Melchiorre, Brenna, her 5-year-old daughter, and her one-year-old boy, Danny, who came to the shelter to pick up the kitten on Thursday latest. Murdock currently weighs only 500 grams. And it is only when it reaches 1 kilo that the Melchiorre family will adopt it officially .

"I saw the post and the second where I saw this photo j I knew I had to take it, "confides Kelly to Sentinel . Murdock will get to know his new roommates: Evie, the other family cat, and Buddy, a one year old Labrador Crossed Basset. He will certainly find in them valuable allies to build on to adapt well to its new environment and to grow well.

Submerged by requests, the refuge reminds that dozens of other cats and dogs are still waiting for a second chance.

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