Film The Dachshund: the dog, celebrated at the movies

There are films that animal lovers can not to not see. The Dachshund is one of them. Directed by Todd Solonds - independent film star - this feature film is a kind of compilation of four sketches of which a dog is the common thread.

Friend of a boy, then a veterinarian in love with a drug addict , a depressed screenwriter and finally an elderly lady terminally ill, the Dachshund is in this movie, a hero devoid of words. He is there, we do not hear him, but he remains the silent witness of the daily life of his successive masters. Best friend of the man, this Dachshund is definitely it. This irreverent film with squeaky humor makes a beautiful homage to all our dogs...

Watch the trailer of The Dachshund :

The Dachshund , by Todd Solonds
With Greta Gerwig, Zosia mamet, Julie Delpy, Ellen Burstyn and Danny DeVito
Released: Wednesday, October 19 at the cinema

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