Movements of the cat's tail

The tail cat is a species of pendulum, fundamental for the balance of the cat, especially when running or jumping. She is also an irreplaceable medium of communication: the cat can lie and pretend an expression, but the movements of its tail betray its true intentions:

-He carries the tail high on the back to greet, to "investigate", or when he is disappointed. It's as if, for example, he saw his master and said, "Hi, how are you? Do not you think it's time to feed me?

- When the cat is hunting, its tail is low and it shakes the end.

- When walking or trotting, its tail is 40 ° relative to his body , but if he increases his pace, he carries it lower.

- If something catches his attention, he raises his tail and his two ears are pointing forward, all straight.

- Raising his tail can also be a sign of welcome.

- If the cat is suspicious, he slowly moves his tail left to right . If he whips his tail nervously, he is on the verge of showing all his aggression (the exact opposite of the dog who expresses his joy).

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