In mourning, a dog is waiting for the impossible return of his master who was killed in a

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After the killing of Istanbul, the city of Izmir suffered a car bomb attack on January 5th. Among the victims of the tragedy, a policeman who seems to be greatly missed by a stray dog ​​... Witness despite a horrible scene, a dog in the streets of Izmir saw the one he considered his owner to die of a heroic sacrifice. Fethi Sekin, a 44-year-old traffic police officer, was shot dead after shooting one of the persons responsible for the car bomb explosion in the city court. Since then, the animal he cared for seems inconsolable , reported the site Sputniknews

. As a Hachiko, Zeitin - mourning - does indeed leave the scene of drama... patiently waiting for the impossible return

of the one he considered so much.

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A loyal dog It had been several years since the policeman came to feed and water the dog. He also took the time to caress him and play with him. Which is why, although it was never officially adopted, the 'animal was so close to the deceased


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And as was shown later the CCTV cameras, the canine stayed with "his master", even after the attack...