More than 12 million in French homes, cats never cease to conquer our hearts

Every 2 years, the FACCO (the union chamber of manufacturers of prepared pet foods) conducts an extensive survey of French and pet animals


Cats, cats and more cats!

In 2013 already, this survey revealed the growing love of the French for cats, more and more numerous in our homes while the dogs, asking for more space and fresh air, are thus done some steal the show. In two years, says FACCO, the cat population has increased by 11% while dogs decreased by 2%. France remains the champion of Europe in the matter of pet ownership, which to date is some 63 million including 12.7 million cats, 7.3 million dogs and 34.2 million cubs mammals

such as rodents, rabbits or ferrets

Small dogs have the

coast For several years, there has been an increase in dogs under 11 kilos in French households, to the detriment of their more

Of the 14,000 respondents, 6.8% own a Yorkshire and 4.2% a Jack Russell, two races that settle on the second and third steps of the podium, leaving the labrador prancing at the top of the ranking of the most possessed dog breeds

> The top 10 of the favorite dog breeds of the French in 2014

A very beneficial presence

This study highlights the link between the structure of the home and the possession of a pet. Families will be more likely to adopt dogs and people living alone to share their homes with a cat. But they have doggies or tomcats, all agree that the presence of these animals is theirs extremely beneficial. " This possession is also linked to emotional factors

. In a context of crisis, the presence of the animal allows more to forget the small problems of everyday life" says Nelly Papapanayotou, director of customers at TNS SOFRES

41.4% of dog owners and 38% of cat owners say they need the presence of an animal for their well-being

Difficulties in keeping animals

Although pet care solutions are increasing, from the boarding house to the host family to real comfortable hotels, dog and cat owners are still numerous to say they have problems to keep their companions when they go on vacation. This is the reason why AllCreatureAnimalClinic launched, in partnership with the FACCO, a section entirely dedicated to the care of the animals

: To keep his animal. It presents all the solutions of guard, offers advices, tricks, and a directory making it possible to find quickly and easily the most adapted mode of guard.

A life expectancy to extend

The good news revealed by this study is the extension of the life expectancy of our animals. The cat has seen its lifespan increase by 18 months between 2006 and 2014.