More and more flights of English Cockers, because of Prince William

When the Duchess of Cambridge wears a dress, a bag, a pair of shoes, the sales of these clothes and accessories skyrocketing, until the stock is out The British princely couple inspires his subjects, to say the least.
Unfortunately, this phenomenon does not just merchants' happiness, it has been for months the misfortune of some dog owners

Organized gangs

In December 2011, Prince William and his wife Kate adopted an English Cocker, baptized Lupo. Overnight, the popularity of this breed of dog exploded, and with it, the number of Cocker flights ...

Detective specializing in pet research, Colin Butcher claims to see a record of theft of dogs resembling Lupo. " We're looking for 13 right now, and we've found 5 in the last 12 months ," he explains in the columns of the Daily Telegraph.

" But he does not This is just the tip of the iceberg. Many people do not know that their dog has been stolen . Many think it has fled, or lost , he says.

These robberies, the detective claims, are the result of organized gangs, which respond to the growing demand for people dreaming of having an English Cocker, similar to that of William and Kate.

Most serious breeders refuse to increase the rate of reproduction to meet this type of demand generated by fashion effects. Some choose to illegally obtain a dog

An increase in demand, but not births

The Kennel Club, which brings together dog breeders from the United Kingdom, says that English interest in Cocker puppies has increased 9% since Lupo joined the family of the princely couple

But the number of puppy births has remained stable. Approximately 23,000 Cocker Spaniels are born in the UK every year

The princely couple is definitely talking a lot about him and these dogs in recent weeks. A few days ago, a scandal erupted after the announcement of the euthanasia of two dogs that protected Prince William during the three years he spent at the Royal Air Force base of the island of Anglesey.