Monkie the one-eyed bitch dies a year after being adopted

Last week we introduced you to Monkie, a one-eyed Carlin female who, having been worn for years to and breeding cowardly abandoned at the door of a refuge , had finally found happiness. Proving day after day that she was planning to make up for lost time, she had gone to celebrate with her mistress the anniversary of her adoption in the city where she had been abandoned.

Unfortunately, despite her joie de vivre and her spirit, Monkie was no longer young and health problems multiplied. And last Sunday, after a year of long walks and hugs, the brave Monkie finally left this world .

A gold heart but too fragile

Monkie had many worries because of her sad past She lost a , and the vets had detected several cancerous breast tumors, which fortunately could have been removed. His new mistress Upright, after adopting the bitch, had to quickly get used to frequent visits to the vet . But until now, the old bitch has been healing quite easily.

Unfortunately, Upright recently detected an abnormal noise in the bitch's breathing. Monkie went to see the veterinarian again, whose diagnosis this time was much less engaging: Monkie had heart cancer . Incurable, this cancer caused the creation of troublesome fluids in the bitch's body. It was possible to drain these fluids regularly to give a few weeks of life over to Monkie, but no medicine could alleviate his suffering.

Upright then made a heavy decision, that of let Monkie leave this world in peace to spare him more suffering. She accompanied him to the end, of course, and even though she has a broken heart, the American confesses without hesitation: "We shared a whole life of love and happiness in a very short period of time, and I would not have missed that for anything in the world."