Mistreated and thrown into a garbage can, this cat continues to love everyone

Hiro could have lost confidence in the human being after what he suffered. That's not the case, far from it...

When he was found a year ago, Hiro was thrown into a bag in a backpack, near a garbage can, like a vulgar waste. He was alive but in very poor health and above all, on the verge of asphyxiation . Fortunately, a caring person spotted him, allowed him to breathe by opening what could have been his coffin and immediately called the animal service of the city of Alberta to help him. A member of the organization came and transported him to the veterinary services. There, it was discovered that the poor cat had undergone severe abuse

A difficult past

Hiro was very thin and suffered from a head trauma, a broken pelvis, neurological disorders and blindness. But the hairball clung to life and after hours of care, several operations and days of convalescence, his condition gradually improved. And above all, the cat was very affectionate with all those who rescued him, despite all he had endured. "As soon as he hears the nurse, he begins to purr and asks for hugs," Alberta Animal Services wrote a few days after his rescue.

This beating eventually healed almost completely. Only a few motor disorders remain and Hiro sometimes falters a bit but his general recovery is remarkable . Many Internet users have been shocked by its history. Among them, Jennifer and her husband who financially supported the AAS for the care of the brown cat. They finally adopted him and as soon as he arrived home, he felt at home. He had finally found his family.

For nearly 6 months, he had a hard time being separated from his teachers and was crying as soon as he could not see them anymore. In the evening he needed to be cuddled to be soothed and fall asleep. In his sleep, he scratched with his paws, as if dreaming that he was locked in a bag again. Thanks to the love the couple gave him, (super) Hiro Stanley ended up overcoming his fears and now lives a happy life.

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