Mishka, the dog that does not fear bears and adopts orphan fawns (Video)

You cry again every time you look at Bambi? So this video should get you out your tissues! When an orphan way finds in a dog not quite like the others an adoptive father, difficult not to melt.

Protect both humans and animals

Mishka is needed to say it a very special dog. For 11 years, this Karelian Bear Dog has been participating in the Karelian Bear Dog's (KBD) program, set up by the Washington Wildlife and Fish Department (WDFW).

The dog has been trained for repel bears and deter them from getting too close to humans by frightening them. Alongside his master, Bruce Richards, he surveys Kitsap County and spots bears and cougars.

As the name suggests, the Karelian bear dog was used for bear hunting in his home country. region of origin in the province of Karelen and Lake Ladoga on the border between Russia and Finland

These medium-sized dogs have a natural instinct for big game hunting and that is why they can be trained to guide the most dangerous wild animals . Some, like Mishka, are also trained to look for bushings and animal carcasses to fight poaching.

Thus, like the three other dogs in the program, Cash, Colter and Savute, Mishka protects both humans and animals. No wonder then to see him take his role very close to heart when a little orphan is taking love for him.