Miracle: a dog stuck on the rails survives 4 trains!

On New Year's Eve, a 12-year-old Lhasa Apso dog experienced the transition to the year 2012 on the rails of a train, and survived 4 convoys before being rescued by a train operator

This is the first miracle of the year 2012 that this poor dog, named Jazzi and from Oregon in the USA, lived in trauma.

Earlier in the evening, his masters Bob and Kathy brought him with them to the reception that friends organized. The friends in question have a garden, a good opportunity to let Jazzi frolic in peace during the festivities.

Only they had not thought of one detail: the fireworks.

The animal takes refuge on the rails of a train

The animal, terrified, fled the garden and finished its course a few hundred meters away... on railroad rails !

Despite the late hour and the fact that 1 January was a public holiday, there was no interruption in train traffic

From midnight, no less than 4 drivers and their team saw the little ball of hair on the rails before passing on it with their convoy, helpless.

Impossible for them to stop the train before passing on the animal, the braking distance is far too long, and there is little chance that a living person will survive the passage of a train longer than 1.5 kilometers.

No one survives the passage of a train...

But around 9 am on January 1st, a train driver who finished his service not far from the place where he saw the little ball of white hair wanted to have the heart net: the dog is he's alive?

With his team, he goes to the scene of the drama and approaches the animal that remains motionless.

But when Chris the driver touches the ball of hair, a tail begins to move, and a tongue soon lick his face

Jazzi is safe and sound! The whole team is dumbfounded, they could not have started better the year 2012.

... Yet the dog is safe and sound!

Thanks to his necklace , they find the address of the owners of Jazzi and go there immediately. On the spot, Bob is absent and Kathy sleeps deeply. The poor spent the night looking for her pet

So they entrust the dog to a caring neighbor. When she wakes up, Kathy is shocked to learn the misadventures of her companion, and regrets that she can not thank the savior of Jazzi .

Less than an hour later, Chris is back to their home. home with a brand new bowl, toys and candies for Jazzi. When Kathy opens the door she takes him in his arms to thank him.

Chris explains to the couple that before moving on Jazzi he saw his head move . He figured the dog might be small enough to not be hit by the bottom of the train. His intuition was good!

The driver refused any reward: " My reward is when I saw this dog licking my face, and knowing that you have recovered your dog »He replied to the couple

Jazzi really starts the year 2012 under a lucky star !