Milo and Bonedigger, a dog and a lion inseparable

A few days ago, the video of a little dog doing the toilet of a big lion was touring the web, and the world. Milo and Bonedigger give us on these images a beautiful lesson of friendship , such as only animals know how to offer.

Friends forever

Today, we know a little more about the Dachshund and his big cat friend, who live in a zoo in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, USA They have been friends since they were babies . Bonedigger was indeed a lion cub when he arrived in the park. The poor animal suffered from a bone disease, which causes him a lot of trouble to move.

Joe Schreibvogel, the director of the zoo, then decided to adopt the lion. He took him to his house, located on the grounds of the animal park, when he had just had a litter of Dachshunds. So well surrounded, Bonedigger has " ressucité ".

Then over the weeks, he made a very special connection with Milo. They have become inseparable. The dog and the lion play together, eat together, spend all their days together.

A shelter for tornado animals

Garold Wayne Zoo was hit by the tornado swept Oklahoma at the end of May. He suffered damage estimated at nearly $ 20,000. But the park has still opened its doors to animals that the storm left homeless. Dogs, horses, ferrets and snakes:

a hundred animals were collected.

No doubt, this zoo is not a zoo like the others!