Miley Cyrus: A Crazy Star... Her Dogs

The young and provocative singer Miley Cyrus has exhibited his voice and anatomy throughout last year. Among her many photos she did not forget to share his love for his 4 doggies .

They are called Bean (Bean), a Chihuahua crossed; Floyd , an Alaskan Klee Kai, Mary Jane , a Pit Bull; and Happy , a Beagle-Rottweiler and Miley love them to the follies.

The big-hearted singer gathered Happy in the parking lot of a supermarket, as for his other companions... Floyd comes from a pet store and Mary Jane and Bean from a shelter in Los Angeles

She often publishes pictures of cuddles on social networks where she thanks her dogs for the love they make for her. " There's nothing these little boils can fix" says she

A family passion

This love of animals is not a whim. Miley grew up surrounded by dogs since her parents had a dozen and even offered her a doggie for her 16 years. Unfortunately the little dog fought with her ex boyfriend's dog and did not survive her injuries.