Migaloo, the first dog archeologist

The sense of smell Dog is such a valuable ally in so many areas. From the detection of explosives, drugs, truffles, to bodies buried under meters of snow and even cancers in humans, our best 4-legged friends no longer have to to prove themselves in terms of flair.

And they continue to surprise us, like the dog Migaloo, a cross-bred Labrador... archaeologist!

The dog finds fragments of bones buried underground

Adopted in an Australian hideaway by a Bud Streten, director of a consulting company helping entrepreneurs carry out projects in respect of cultural heritage and natives around the world, he was trained by canine coach Greg Jackson for search for old bone fragments

Archaeological excavations are very expensive and require a lot of work, sometimes done in vain. There is no tool to accurately detect bone fragments buried underground

So it is necessary to dig the soil to confirm their presence, as is the case for burials sacred of the natives. There is no way to prove the presence of a tomb without disturbing it by excavation.

An ally for archeologists and indigenous tribes

Migaloo then became a great ally for archaeologists as well as for Aborigines wishing to protect the burial sites of their ancestors

When he expressed his desire to train his dog for this type of research, Bud Streten had to face great skepticism. Nobody imagined that the animal would be able to achieve such a mission . And everyone was wrong!

Migaloo was trained for 6 months , with the help of the South Australia Museum, which lent bone fragments.

Then the dog did a final test : unleashed on a site known to house 600-year-old burials, it detected in only a few minutes the exact location of the graves

The next mission of the dog Migaloo? Ador of Australian native tribes to locate sacred sites. Then he will fly to France, and Belgium, where he will work in the search for remains on the battlefields of the Second World War become farmland.

In the longer term, Greg Jackson would like to further develop Migaloo's talents, teaching him to identify pottery and fossils. The coach also hopes to train more dogs in the future.