Micro-sidewalk: AllCreatureAnimalClinic to meet you!

New micro-sidewalk AllCreatureAnimalClinic oriented holidays !

As usual, we went to meet dogs and their masters for a walk in the parks of Paris and we asked them questions that come up frequently in the AllCreatureAnimalClinic forum. Questions you were able to answer via our weekly survey

This week, meet Noubia , Snowy and Ziggy !

Snowy and Noubia are two little Pugs of 6 years and 13 1/2 years.

Ziggy is a 10 year old Jack Russel.

When you go on vacation, your dog will Does he accompany him?
Snowy and Noubia accommate their master on every holiday! As for Ziggy, we met her in the company of her "babysitter": the little Jack Russel belongs to her daughter, who gives it to her when she goes on vacation. But when she goes to the countryside, she does not hesitate to take her dog with her!

The AllCreatureAnimalClinic poll revealed that half of the voters could not decide to go on vacation without their pet. A quarter of them still manage to have it kept by friends: it is indeed not always easy to find holiday resorts welcoming animals!

Does your dog like to swim?
This week, dogs with little water! Which is not surprising, given the distance between Paris and the sea. Noubia and Snowy clearly do not want to wade in the ocean, while Ziggy has never had the opportunity to soak his paws in the sea!

If you are one of the vacationers who go to the beach with their dog, do not forget the basic rules of driving and safety that you will have to follow with your favorite animal.

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