Mickey Rourke helps stray dogs in Romania

Mickey Rourke is not only a former boxer turned actor, he is also a great animal lover , and especially dogs

After adopting a stray dog ​​in Romania , for which he had a real crush while he was in filming, the man whose big muscles hide a big heart decided to open a huge refuge to help the dogs of Romania. While the country has just passed a law allowing the euthanasia of stray dogs, it has already invested 250,000 dollars.

A refuge as big as a football field?

Mickey Rourke travels as often as possible to Romania to follow the progress of this project. He is currently in talks to buy a lot that could host a big shelter like a football field.

Very vigilant, he wants to make sure that investors will not try to earn money through his project.

Mickey Rourke and his dog Foxy

The passion of the actor for dogs is not new. Mickey Rourke was devastated by the death of his dog Loki, a Chihuahua who lived until the age of 18. An animal who, with his other dogs, helped him a lot when he was in depression

"Dogs are everything to me"

" I do not have Children have become everything for me ". When he felt so bad that he was no longer coming out of his home, and was haunted by suicidal thoughts, the look of his dogs seemed to wonder who would take care of them if their master was there to help him out of this deep distress.

When he was awarded a Golden Globe in 2009 for his role in The Wrestler , Mickey Rourke had in his speech thanked these dogs. " Sometimes, when a man is alone, all he has is a dog ," he said.

He thinks he should help the dogs too. Even more today, at the time , tens of thousands of canids are in danger in Romania.