Men & Cats: no, women are not the only ones who love cats in a crazy way!

Ah the cliche of the woman single surrounded by cats purring at his feet! That it is difficult to get rid of... Photographer of his condition, the New Yorker David Williams wanted to contribute to the destruction of the myth that only women can be completely crazy of their kitties adored !

As the name suggests, the series Men & Cats, project launched 6 years ago, invites us to discover a string of men all gagas their cats!

" I find that the way in which our society categorizes the owners of animals is very marked, "says the photographer at Metronews .

" Immortalizing these relationships interested me, it was also a good excuse for spend time with a bunch of cats! " the one who since 2009 has photographed friends and strangers with both in common: to be men and to love cats .
Of course, the photo shoots have not always been obvious. Cats are not the most docile models David Williams has known. "Some cats do not like being in front of the camera like others, so candies and toys were sometimes needed to help them pose," he says.