Meet Tyson, the smallest dog in Britain

Smaller than a phone, but brave like a hero, here is Tyson, a tiny ball of hair that could well to be the smallest dog in Britain

11 centimeters, 312 grams

Rejected by his mother and siblings when he was born in March, Tyson is now 11 centimeters tall weighs only 312 grams and his head is no bigger than a golf ball. To keep him alive and healthy, his humans had to feed him every two hours with a pipette during the first weeks of his life.

Rosemarie, his owner, a great animal lover who lives with two other cats, a lizard, sheep, horses, chickens and a hedgehog, uses a hamster carrier to carry it, and she had to isolate it in a custom-made box so that her siblings do not hurt him while playing.

Tyson is a Chihuahua cross Lhasa Apso. And if he has not grown and grown much since he was born - his height is no more than a quarter of that of his brothers and sisters - he is now in great shape. His mistress describes him as an "affectionate and energetic puppy" who loves to play with the toes of his humans, almost bigger than him.

Today, Tyson is no longer pipetted but Rosemarie has to massage his gums to help him eat his food.

If Tyson is arguably the smallest dog in Britain, it's some Miracle Milly, a Chihuahua from Puerto Rico, who 9.65 centimeters tall holds the record for the world's smallest dog .