Get to know Melissa, aka Einstein Cat the tongue-tied cat

Every week his new star on all fours ! Internet users do not tire of following and admiring the funny faces of cats and dogs that offer them a little sweetness and simple happiness throughout the day.

And how not to fall for Melissa? New darling of cat and cat fans, this girl from Russia has like all her boyfriends become web stars, a particularity.

Which one? Melissa has her tongue hanging, and very long!

In almost all the photos, that its human, Alina Esther, publishes on Instagram , the Scottish Fold tirelessly pulls out the tongue, as if it were making us tick.

Nicknamed Einstein Cat, because it is true that these shots are not without reminding us of the famous portrait of the scientist pulling the tongue, Melissa can boast about 10,000 fans in ecstasy in front of his grimaces and his magnificent

Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub and other famous felines on the web to be done? Melissa does not lack any assets to steal the show!