Meet Lou, the Chihuahua who dances with the stars!

From the top of its very small size, Lou la Chihuahua is already a big star! And if his head tells you something, it's probably that you've already seen in Danse with the Stars, the famous show broadcast every Saturday night on TF1. The pretty dog ​​accompanies her mistress who works in the production.

AllCreatureAnimalClinic: Hi Lou! To begin, can you introduce yourself?

Lou : My name is Lou. I am two years and two months old! I come from Limoges and like porcelain, I am soft and fragile. Yet I can not say that I was born in cotton: I grew up in a breeding of German Shepherds! Atmosphere...

In life, I have two great passions: chicken and nap! Duvet, cushion, blanket, sofa, sofa... I adapt to all situations.

You too are a star of Dance with the Stars. But what is your role exactly?

I do a lot of things! Cuddles to comfort the team, I sprints in the corridors of the board and that make everyone laugh. Sometimes I go into fashion design and do some fitting (glitter or colored butterfly necklaces, rhinestone necklaces):

Instagram post by Lou Mini Dog

Which coach and / or participant and / or jury member is the most fun with you?

I really like Jean-Marc Généreux. We understand each other well him and me. He is funny and kind. In addition, it was he who made me discover the butterflies. It's mouthing under a snout! And that I buy!

The proof:

Instagram post by Lou the Mini Dog

Who do you think will win this season?

I give my tongue to the cat!

You're -you make dog friends behind the scenes? If so, with whom?

I do not know them very well yet but I love them already! Foxtrot Maxime's dog (even if he's snoring when he's sleeping) and Gims Denitsa's dog (he's so handsome, I admit, I have a bit of a crush)

Would you like to dance too? If so, with whom?

I love to dance! I dance almost every day. I would love to waltz with Anthony Colette. This is the new kid of Dance with the Stars and in addition he has a doe look

What is your favorite dance?

I love Latin dances! My Mexican origins probably...

Lou, the dog of Dance with the Stars

© Instagram @loulou_the_chihuahua

Which star would you dream to see in Dance with the Stars?

Snoop Dog, and Shirley Bassey . There is something about them, I do not know what it is, but I think they have a dog...

Do you have an anecdote of filming to reveal to us?

Before each broadcast, all Dance couples with the Stars gather in the Red room and sing and dance before the show starts to gain strength. I love this moment! And also Sandrine Quétier sings before each show to give the public fishing.

A Dance with the Stars for dogs, what would you say? If yes, would you like to participate or rather be a member of the jury?

Dance a day on the floor, why not! Impossible is not Chihuahua! But me my dream, if we say everything is Ninja Warrior [TV game broadcast on TF1 which consists of an obstacle course, Editor's note]. But shhh...

> Find all the adventures of Lou on his Instagram account !

> Dance with the stars , every Saturday at 21h on TF1.

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