Me, Dog President...

Although it is forgotten by the media, Louis, 8-year-old Belgian Shepherd, is a candidate for the next French presidential election. Exclusively for AllCreatureAnimalClinic , it gives us the 10 flagship proposals of its program, focused on the animal cause.

The political program of a dog

  • Me, Dog president, I will do a priority toughening of criminal sanctions for abandonment, serious abuse and acts of cruelty to animals.
  • Me, Dog President, I will make sure that list file is kept black " persons convicted of mistreatment of an animal so that they will never be able to acquire it.
  • Me, Dog President, I will create a Ministry of the Animals and name a cat Prime Minister to promote diversity and equality of opportunity
  • Me, Dog President, I will fight animal trafficking by strengthening anti-trafficking cells and increase field investigations
  • Me, Dog President, I will have no indulgence towards the farms and pet shops which does not do not respect the regulations in force, I will reinforce the sanctions provided for in case of non-compliance with it and will scrupulously ensure their application.
  • Me, Dog President, I will make sure that veterinary care is within reach of all animal owners, and in this sense, I will create more veterinary clinics for low-income people.
  • Me, Dog president, I will impose on municipalities to establish sterilization programs stray cats and stray dogs in the DOM-TOM
  • Me, Dog president , I will forbid the animal experiment on my congeners and cats
  • Me, Dog President, I will democratize pet therapy and animal mediation so that all people in difficulty can enjoy the benefits of the presence of animals, especially in hospitals, centers homes, nursing homes and prisons.
  • Dog President, I will promote the education of children at school so that they become responsible teachers and become aware of the animal cause from an early age

Portrait of Louis, dog presidential candidate 2017

Born in the street in Guadeloupe of a couple of Belgian Shepherds, Louis was doomed to a life of wandering among his congeners who, like him, must fight everyday to feed and shelter. But unlike others, Louis has always had in him a strong instinct of protection. Pack leader, he has, from an early age, helped other dogs in need, not hesitating not to put his own life in danger to defend their own.

He was not 1 year old when he was seriously injured by a man while he was doing garbage in a restaurant. In blood on the edge of a road, he was saved by a charitable soul who passed by. Driven to a local shelter, he waited a long time behind the bars of a cage, thinking that he would come out only to be euthanized .

From a life of misery to that of dog

But Louis' fate had decided otherwise since after a few months, a metropolis association took him in charge and repatriated to give him a chance to be adopted. In Paris, it was a new life that was offered to him: all those who passed his box could not remain insensitive to his proud appearance and his sweet look It is also because of his royal stance that the volunteers of the shelter gave him the name of Louis.

One day in December, shortly before Christmas, Louis met the gaze of a man in a blue suit who came to adopt a dog. Between them, it was obvious. They would not leave each other. In contact with his master, Louis was revealed a clever dog, fearless and affectionate , who seemed to have only one idea in mind: to please the one who saved him and, more generally, to show his gratitude towards the human species.

With his master, Louis attended a training course at the end of which he graduated: he became a police dog. He and his driver formed a pair that nothing stopped: neither the thieves nor the traffickers

Guiding the Men to a better world

After more than 6 years of career within the police force, Louis had some 210 arrests to his credit. And while he always took great pleasure in putting his life at the service of men, it was time for him to take a well-deserved retreat.

Shepherd and Defense Dog par excellence, Louis decided to continue his mission by guiding men to a better world, a world devoid of animal suffering. That's why he is now involved in politics, tending more than ever to the French.

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