Mater cat legs: the new Instagram trend to which we can only adhere

Photos of patounes of all sizes and colors and zooms on cushions all fluffy swarm currently on the social network, and we will not complain!

Everything is cute in the kitten! And if we know well the recontherapy to distress, it is clear that the tomcats, by their simple pace and cuteness would calm the most grumpy. This is certainly why the trend #paws (legs in English) is gaining ground on Instagram that have invaded thousands of adorable sluts kitties, to the delight of users.

Paws me 5!

Whether it's kittens sleeping feet in the air, pads in the wind, felines just sitting up, legs perfectly aligned or balls of hair being washed, you will be served

Instagram kibblemush

Instagram janskeblij

Instagram angelina.kostina

Instagram everblueocean703

Instagram korchagin_the_cat

Instagram pinkgamechick

Instagram pennysplacesanctuary

Instagram mechanical_feline

Instagram sunshine_batman_

And if all these images do not give you a smile, we can not really do anything for you! Small warning however, to look at #paws is extremely addictive !

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