Match: Which kitten is the cutest? (Video of the day)

cat videos are a real fashion phenomenon on the Internet.

Every day, are hundreds of sequences that are posted on online sharing sites such as Youtube or Dailymotion .

Of these, some stand out from the crowd and become essential . They are viewed millions of times, shared with friends on Facebook or Twitter and parodied to never-ending!

The kittens are particularly popular. Just see our today's match: who of these two kittens will have the maximum of votes from you? Not easy, you are granted!

So? The first video, where this little cat discovers the world through unusual places; or the second, which presents us with an adorable kitten scottish fold playing with his young mistress?

You decide!

I are cute kitten: 27 million views on Youtube!

I are even cute kitten, seen on Youtube 3.5 million times

If you like cute kittens , you will find your happiness in our section cat videos !