Massacre at the Vaucluse SPA: several cats beaten and killed

In the night from Sunday to Monday, seven cats were murdered in the premises of the SPA Vauclusienne. An investigation is underway.

It is a scene of horror which was discovered Monday morning in the morning by some volunteers of a shelter of Isle-sur-la-Sorgue: the corpses bloodied of seven felines waiting for family lay in their cage. At first sight, the latter would have been beaten before being coldly murdered , reports Provence . Other cats were also found wounded.

An intruder entered the shelter

On his Facebook page, the SPA Vauclusienne strongly condemned this barbaric act: "We could silence, is not silence the best of contempt? But how to be silent about this nameless ignominy. For Mina, Ninou, Kali and all the other victims, we ask you to help us find the criminals. These murders must not go unpunished."

SPA Vauclusienne

For the time being, an investigation has been opened. The volunteers of this shelter have indeed evoked a intrusion into the cattery . If the gendarmes of the company of Avignon are on the case, the team of animal defenders nevertheless launched a call to witnesses: "if a sentence, a video or a photo seemed to correspond to the acts committed, we Thank you for sharing it quickly with the shelter."

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