Mary, the cyclist cat that makes the web crack! (Video)

Mary Jane, (MJ for the intimate) is the name of a little cat in the process of becoming a real star web. Why ? Because this cat is a big fan of !

No, Mary did not learn how to pedal, she just flees, and crosses the streets of Philadelphia perched on the shoulder of his beloved master, Rudi Saldia, the steed of his state.

" On my shoulder, she is zen! "

" She loves to watch everything, and the wind that breath in her ears, especially as she is an indoor cat, and these are the only times she spends outside "says the 26-year-old. " On my shoulder, she loves it, she's in zen mode! " he's having fun

The young man did not want to become a YouTube star. He only released the first videos of his escapades with his cat to prove to his mom that Mary was really happy aboard her bike. Rudi's mother struggled to believe that the cat supports such adventures, and takes pleasure in them!

Philadelphia's bike boy

Mary's bike adventures began when she had only 2 months . Rudi took him with him for short walks. Quickly, he realized that the little cat was delighted, as passers-by of course very amused and moved by this funny duet.

The two-wheeled excursions then became longer and more adventurous. Mary is an exceptional co-pilot ! When she's not watching what's going on around her, she tenderly cuddles her master.

Rudi has set a GoPro camera on his bike to film his escapades with his faithful 4-legged companion. Riding on the success of the young man's videos, the brand has offered him new equipment that allows him to make awesome films!

Of course, some people worry about the safety of the cat, who is not attached. Rudi then tries to reassure them, and says that he pays very close attention to his adorable hair ball.

Discover in images the cyclist cat of Philadelphia!