Day of support for martyred animals: display your white ribbon!

All day, all of us are invited to show their support for the animal cause to finally stop acts of cruelty against our animal companions

Why today? On August 11, 2009, the dog Mambo was burned to the 3rd degree by teenagers... As the animal lover at the initiative of this event remember that our animals should no longer be martyrs !

Display your white ribbon!

To mark our commitment and say NO! to violence against animals , we are all invited to hang a small white ribbon to our T-Shirt, our bag, our keychain or to the mirror of our car.

On Facebook , join AllCreatureAnimalClinic and change for the day your profile picture by a white ribbon!

In memory of Hope, White Fang, Lola and the others...

It does not pass a week without AllCreatureAnimalClinic we do not share the tragic fate which is sometimes reserved to animals ...

Sordid and intolerable , these miscellaneous remind us how much animals need us. Let's not let our guard down!

Let's remember Patrick, mistreated and thrown into a garbage chute... And all the animals that died of their wounds due to unspeakable human acts. The examples, unfortunately, are not lacking.

Together, let's continue to raise our voices against the abuses done to animals !

See you on the Facebook page of the event .

Feel free to tell us where you will hang your white ribbon !