Marmaduke: Win tickets to see the movie

Marmaduke the film , which comes out August 18 to the cinema, it's not just a movie with dogs, it's a movie about dog life . And as at AllCreatureAnimalClinic we love movies and dogs, we offer to win places and goodies> Play Marmaduke

As Beethoven Saint Bernard in its time, Marmaduke the film depicts the life of a family... but from the point of view of their dog, who is none other than Marmaduke, a Great Dane (or German Mastiff) crossed. Throughout history, Marmaduke talks to us , introduces us to his family, his friends, his joys, his troubles... Like a teenager!

Because Marmaduke's life is all about does the same as a 16 year old ; he turns his masters into jail, and leads a peaceful life in Kansas. Everything is upset when the family moves to California : Marmaduke goes to high school (or rather to the dog park), goes to a group of four-legged friends, celebrates... How Marmaduke and his family go Do they understand this new life?

To find out, Marmaduke will have to be seen in cinemas from 18 August . If you want to be invited, it's easy, you can win tickets by playing here

If you're still not convinced, take a look at the Marmaduke trailer:

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