Dog markings with urine

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The dog uses urine to delineate its territory, thus making it clear to potential intruders that they are out of their area. In addition, the urine contains substances which inform the congeners of the sex of the one who has deposited it.

The problem of urine marking appears when the dog reaches sexual maturity, c that is, between one and two years of age, and more about the male. The frequency of tagging increases if the animal is stimulated by the presence of other dogs, which could challenge its leadership on this territory.

To mark an object, the dog raises the hind leg and pulls it outwards. holding it stiff to direct the jet towards the chosen target. Some animals perform real acrobatics by trying to urinate as high as possible to make them believe they are bigger and bigger than they actually are and scare a potential intruder into leaving.

The dog can mark objects in the house but this is rare because he instinctively maintains his own place of life (like the wolf in his lair). There are, however, certain situations, for example a new environment and rich in odors or the presence of another dog, which are stronger than education and instinct.

To correct this behavioral problem If the urine is still deposited in the same places, the function can be modified by installing the food, water and basket bowls. We can also use deterrents such as the classic mouse fobs, turned to the ground. When he approaches to do his needs, they are triggered and frighten him.

If the dog only marks in the presence of his master, it is necessary to identify the triggering cause, which could be the sound of the bell announcing the arrival of a guest, and inflicting on him punishment fulfilling the following conditions:
- timely (less than 60 seconds after the mischief)
- sudden (to surprise him or her) 'stop immediately)
- not too severe so as not to traumatize it (just spray it with water)

It is necessary to use punishments with great care, especially in animals dominant, because if they are used inappropriately, they are not effective and can increase its aggressiveness.

Male castration

can be another solution, which solves the problem in 50-60%. cases, but this decision must of course be taken after consulting a veterinarian

It is less effective if urine marking is practiced outside the home. In this case, it can be associated with a drug treatment, which may be advised by the doctor. Sterilization must always be accompanied by a behavioral therapy to teach the dog to take care of his needs in a pre-established place.

The problem of urine marking may hide others, especially if it arises from changes in the life of the dog or in the adult.
The pathologies in which this behavior is observable are:
- social aggressiveness or sociopathy (it appears when there is a hierarchical conflict between the dog and its owner) The stools are in very visible places, they are formed and the subject deposits them in the absence of his master)
- defective self-control: (the stools are deposited in the presence or absence of the master)

- pathologies of the glands (testicles , thyroid, adrenal). In these cases, it is advisable to consult a specialist who will be able to identify the real cause of this behavior.