Mariah Carey's dog pee on him!

A Jack Russell Terrier puppy. This is the gift that Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey's husband, offered him for their one year. But this cute dog has turned into a poisoned gift!

While Mariah Carey is preparing a concert series in Las Vegas, the singer, she is put on makeup and hair in her dressing room, just before going on stage. There, his dog Cha Cha, in lack of affection, jumps on his knees and... pee on him! The princess dress of the beautiful, priceless price in passing, will remember!

But the worst is that, having to go on stage immediately, the diva did not have time to change! Unfortunately, a big task on the pretty singer, that is damaging to his reputation as a perfectionist. But fortunately, the concert was only at its rehearsals! It was also said that Mariah could never have sung in this state!

From now on, we can assume that she banished Cha Cha from his dressing room, at least before his real concerts. Unless she knows how to adjust urinary disorders of her dog. Reading AllCreatureAnimalClinic, for example?